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About Us

MindForce is an innovation consultancy that partners with entrepreneurs & companies to develop go-to-market strategies and tactics to monetize their innovative ideas, products and ventures.

MindForce is led by Rob Steir. In most cases, he’s involved in performing the work, and assembling a skilled team, as needed.

Entrepreneur Philosophy

From working with many entrepreneurs over the years, and talking to many more of them at conferences and events, we definitely believe it is as important to make sure entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs understand their current state and where they want to go with their innovation, i.e. the difference between a marble and a basketball!

The MindForce Way

We take a long-term partnership approach when establishing a new client relationship and the value we seek to create.  Our goal is not to be considered an opportunistic work-for-hire consulting firm, but rather to become a valued partner in unleashing the maximum value of our client’s business opportunity -- and to always bring objectivity, trust, vision and creativity to everything we do.



Consulting Services

Supplement Your Team
Revenue-Producing Services
  • Create Impactful Connections/Biz Dev
  • Realty-Test Your Decisions
  • Unlock "Go To Market" Opportunities
Turn Your Vision Into Realty
For Early-Stage Ventures
  • Partner with MF to Develop Your Idea
  • Package Company for Funding
  • Write/Review Business Plans
  • Provide Venture Mentoring
  • Secure Beta Clients, Partnerships
Partner with Us
We Become Your Venture Partner

MindForce assembles a team of business experts, headed up by Rob Steir, uniquely suited to your challenges. We work closely with you to achieve agreed upon milestones and defined successes.

  • Pre-Funding Advisors/Early-Stage Management Team

What People Say

I have worked with Rob for a number of years on several early stage technologies discovered at the University of Mississippi. Our collaboration has resulted in licensing of patent rights to two startup companies. In addition, the feedback our researchers have obtained via Rob on other technologies has helped them understand the realities of the marketplace.

Rob has a unique ability to connect with researchers, entrepreneurs and potential investors and to translate ideas into practical solutions to problems. Rob is not only highly skilled at technology translation but is also a nice guy who seeks to meet the needs of all major stakeholders. He is an effective leader who has mastered the skill of active listening. He establishes realistic goals and effectively manages ambiguity. These skills that are often missing in successful entrepreneurs.

WALT C. Director of Technology Management University of Mississippi

Few can zoom from germ of an idea to a fleshed-out business model as quickly as Rob. He's got margins, ownership percentages, revenue streams dancing around in his head at all times & can pull them together until they become reality. Early in the life of many companies, they need to course-correct or seize on an advantageous trend. Pivoting or reaching that next scale in size takes a Rob, I've seen him deliver what's needed time & time again.

GLENN S. Founder Marketing What's New

I've worked with and for Rob for over 12 years on several consulting projects and working on business start-up and technology projects. Rob is one of the best networkers that I know. He is a natural at reaching our to meet and learn about people, building a great "Rolodex" and make connections when there is a business opportunity. Rob works hard to create win-win's by matching clients to the right consultants. He also is a persistent innovator in finding ways to deliver high value and significant talent to clients in a low-overhead way through virtual teams and just-in-time consulting. If you are looking for a high level of targeted talent in a value-driven way, contact Rob at MindForce Consulting. He will be able to quickly organize what you need to get the ball rolling.

KAREN B. Founder KBA Consulting

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