Unleash New Ideas
We tap our business experts to unleash undiscovered value in your IP, products and ventures. Find out more
Unlock Revenues
We build sustainable and scalable revenue streams by tapping a diversity of business expertise Find out more
Reality-Test Your Decisions
We deliver an "outsider's view" by bringing in a diversity of seasoned business experts who know your market and can provide objective insights. Find out more
Tap Our Business Experts
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Monetize Your Ideas, Products And Ventures with the Right Partners.

MindForce Assembles a Team of Business Experts Uniquely-Suited to Your Challenges.
As Principal or Consultants, We Work Closely With You To Achieve Agreed-Upon Milestones and Defined Successes.


    • Find Undiscovered Value In Your Ideas, Products and Ventures
    • Validate “Go To” Market Opportunities
    • Package Your Venture For Investment
    • Identify and Eliminate Product and Market Risks
    • Plug Investor-Perceived Market and Technology Gaps
    • Reality-Test Your New Market Ideas
    • Build Sustainable and Scalable Revenue Streams


    • AT&T Intellectual Property
    • U.S. Army
    • Sandia National Labs
    • University of Mississippi
    • State of Florida
    • Florida State University
    • Mainline
    • Development Capital Network/NSF