MindForce is an innovation consultancy that partners with entrepreneurs & companies to develop go-to-market strategies and tactics to monetize their innovative ideas, products and/or ventures! We offer a number of services to act as principals or as consultants to harness your innovative ideas and products. We always work closely with our clients to achieve agreed upon milestones and defined successes.

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MindForce is an offshoot of MBAGlobalNet.com, a recruiting and membership service for experienced MBAs. By tapping into our reservoir of talented people, we were years ahead of the sharing economy in forming teams. In fact, we were published in an industry publication about our virtual team project methodology.

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From working with many entrepreneurs over the years, and talking to many more of them at conferences and events, we definitely believe it is as important to make sure you only work with entrepreneurs who understand the difference between a marble and a basketball!

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<strong>Our Services</strong>

Our Services

<strong>Our Story</strong>

Our Story

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Our Philosophy


PUBLISHED IN YOURENCORE.COM, FEB 2016 (click on graphic to read) Encore Entrepreneurship: 3 Questions to Ask Founders Before Investing Your Time & Money