The MindForce Way

MindForce is an innovation consultancy that partners with entrepreneurs & companies to develop go-to-market strategies and tactics to monetize their innovative ideas, products and ventures.

We take a long-term partnership approach when establishing a new client relationship. Our success is reflected in the mutually profitable use of a client’s IP. Our goal is not to be considered an opportunistic work-for-hire consulting firm, but rather to become a partner in unleashing the maximum value of our client’s IP and IP portfolio.

MindForce is led by Rob Steir. In most cases, he’s involved in performing the work, and assembling a team to work with him, when needed. He has worked with a trusted core group of independent consultants, and has always fill out the team with qualified subject matter experts, based on the opportunity, due to his extensive rolodex.

About Rob Steir:

[rob at]

Rob is the managing director and founder of MindForce Consulting. He has also served as CEO of MBA GlobalNet since its founding in early 1997. MBA GlobalNet was a marketplace that, for over a dozen years, effectively connected nearly 20,000 experienced MBAs with entrepreneurial opportunities and high-quality jobs. In 2002, he conceived of and co-founded a 501c3 non-profit MBAs4NYC that was awarded a $250,000 grant from the State of New York. It provided, in about 18 months, volunteer consulting services (200 volunteers/3000 volunteer hours) to 90 small businesses in Lower Manhattan which were directly affected by 9/11.

Rob is also an innovator. He recently received a patent in the digital sports area, and has authored 2 other pending patents.

He earned his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management and graduated from Georgetown University.