Case Study – AT&T Intellectual Property

AT&T Intellectual Property, Outlicensing Group: For three years, 2009-2011, we were AT&T’s outside consulting team to analyze, review and market software technologies. This was a big operational administrative effort to coordinate the evaluation of over 100 technologies during this time, many from AT&T Labs. This effort was prior to their creation of the AT&T Foundry. We also crafted external marketing materials, when asked, for their sales teams, as well as for our external marketing purposes.

Each technology had to pass through two evaluation stages. The first stage involved 3 subject-matter-experts who we engaged to interact with AT&T staff in a one-hour evaluation conversation, not only to assess the technology relative to the perceived market opportunity, but also to gauge the ease of creating license-worthy and product-ready software that could be unhinged from AT&T Labs or AT&T’s internal IT systems. For our larger “deep dive” written reports for each technology deemed “high market potential,” we engaged one consultant to interact directly with AT&T staff, and conduct extensive outside marketing research to determine the potential market opportunity and potential licensees.