Case Study – State of Florida

For 2009 University Technology Transfer Grant Program

State of Florida (via Florida Research Corporation). MindForce was hired to judge a $2M Florida SURECAG Program (2008-09). During the 4th quarter of 2008, MindForce reviewed 41 detailed proposals submitted by 8 Florida public university technology transfer offices for grants in three separate phases:

    • $50K outright grants for tech transfer (OTC-Like) internal process improvements
    • $100K matching grants for writing business plans for innovations still residing within the university
    • Up to four $250K matching grants for companies who have licensed Florida public university’s patents

MindForce brought together over 40 subject matter business experts, and 3 tech transfer industry professionals (NYU, Johns Hopkins, University of Utah) to assist us in judging the submitted proposals. We formed teams of 5 SMEs based on their expertise and matched them to each submitted university or company. We conducted phone interviews with either the CEOs of the startups seeking capital, or the university’s principal investigators to assess their commercialization potential. Based on our team’s completed individual assessments, we made recommendations of the best proposals for each category to the State of Florida Board of Governors – All recommendations were accepted and awards made.