Case Study: Write Business Plan & Complete Grant Requirements – University IP

Rob Steir was brought on by a university professor at Stonybrook University to become the Entrepreneurial Lead for their grant in the fall of 2015. PowerBridge is a program from NYCERDA that funds cleantech innovations from specific NY-based universities that are ready for commercialization. Over the course of a few months, Rob completed several business-related grant deliverables including a business canvas model, the business model, business plan with financials, and investor presentation. He also representing the newco company, to be called Railtricity, at a number of business plan pitch competitions on behalf of PowerBridge and the professor. Railtricity has a prototype “power box” that sits next to a railroad track. It is able to harvest small amounts of energy created by a passing train via track vibrations, and then use this energy to power communication sensors and other trackside applications. The company-to-be was able to graduate the program at assignment completion.