Create Impactful Connections

One of the strengths of MindForce is our rolodex, i.e. network of global subject matter experts, that we’ve worked with over the years. Rob Steir has an extensive network and a knack of being a “connector.”

The term “Impactful Connections” was purposefully chosen as it goes beyond the term “Business Development” which in some circles doubles as one’s ability to do cold calling “sales.” Our efforts are founded in framing business introductions so that both parties have something to gain in meeting each other and there is a clear purpose for connecting. Sounds simple, but isn’t always easy to pull off.

In 2015, we will be turning what has been an informal strength into a real asset as we start to team with people around the world to form a global cross-marketing group of MindForce consultants who will work with each other to establish global business opportunities for clients who hire us for our business networking skills.

Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you are an international company with a game-changing innovative idea that wants to expand into the United States or are a U.S. company that wants to expand into new international markets, please let us know and we’ll see how we can cost-effectively create business connections that drive the receptivity and commercialization of your technology and business expansion. Let us jump start your strategic innovation cross-marketing efforts.