MindForce & AT&T

Case Study – AT&T Intellectual Property

AT&T Intellectual Property, Outlicensing Group: For three years, 2009-2011, we were AT&T’s outside consulting team to analyze, review and market software technologies. This was a big operational administrative effort to coordinate the evaluation of over 100 technologies during this time, many from AT&T Labs. This effort was prior to their creation of the AT&T Foundry. We also crafted external marketing materials, when asked, for their sales teams, as well as for our external marketing purposes.

Rob Steir & PowerBridgeNY Assignment

Case Study: Write Business Plan & Complete Grant Requirements – University IP

Rob Steir was brought on by a university professor at Stonybrook University to become the Entrepreneurial Lead for their PowerbridgeNY.com grant in the fall of 2015. PowerBridge is a program from NYCERDA that funds cleantech innovations from specific NY-based universities that are ready for commercialization. Over the course of a few months, Rob completed several.

MindForce & State of Florida

Case Study – State of Florida

State of Florida (via Florida Research Corporation). MindForce was hired to judge a $2M Florida SURECAG Program (2008-09). During the 4th quarter of 2008, MindForce reviewed 41 detailed proposals submitted by 8 Florida public university technology transfer offices for grants in three separate phases:

MindForce & National Science Foundation

Case Study – Mentors For SBIR NSF Phase 2 Commercialization Plans

The client was involved in a glassing at the MCG where he hit a security guard with a beer glass. This resulted in a laceration and bruising to the security guards face. The client was charged with Intentionally cause injury, Recklessly cause injury, Unlawful assault.

The client ultimately pleaded guilty to intentionally cause injury and all other charges were withdrawn. This plea breached a suspended…

MindForce & Prominent University

Case Study – License IP of University By Startup

We assisted the technology transfer office of a prominent southern university in finding a start-up to license IP. The company has recently received a Series B round. We were engaged at an early stage to work with the university in 2008. We made contributions to the university prior to their filing the patent, which was.