entrepreneur philosophy

Entrepreneur Philosophy

What We’ve Learned About Working with Entrepreneurs

Our fundamental philosophy is to share in the upside with those participants who put forth effort on the behalf of the team, follow through with their commitments to accomplish the tasks at hand they agreed to do, and add value by their contributions to the venture– whatever that is.

The reward equation is two-sided. On one side, we have the entrepreneur, the one with 100% control of equity and sharing upside. On the other side, we have the contributor who not only wants a fair reward for his or her contributions, energy and time spent, but wants to be treated as a valued member of the team.

Inconsistencies abound in the entrepreneurial world between these two sides as entrepreneurs can fall into either of two camps — the entrepreneur who will share the pie and the entrepreneur who wants to hoard the pie.

MindForce, therefore, is careful to engage entrepreneurs who want to share the pie, and recognize that while they have a big vision, it still in many cases is still a vision and not reality. These entrepreneurs will be happy to bring in 3rd parties, like MindForce. We, in turn, make promises to our consultants we bring in to get them involved, and we also want people who believe in sharing and distributing the pie based on contributions. Life is too short, otherwise.

Here’s a Thought Piece Rob Steir wrote that captures our philosophy about working with Founders centered on 3 questions that we ask our potential clients to see if we should work with them:



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