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We view working with clients as a partnership. Here are several ways we can work with you, although from our experience every opportunity is unique and needs to be structured accordingly:

the right connections can make all the difference…

Creating Impactful Combinations /Business Development

Engage MindForce to create a sustained campaign to connect decision makers with our client based on mutual interests and client objectives.

One of the strengths of MindForce is our rolodex, i.e. network of global subject matter experts, that we’ve worked with over the years. Rob Steir has an extensive network and a knack of being a “connector.”

The term “Impactful Connections” was purposefully chosen as it goes beyond the term “Business Development” which in some circles doubles as one’s ability to do cold calling “sales.” Our efforts are founded in framing business introductions at a decision maker level so that both parties have something to gain in meeting each other and there is a clear purpose for connecting. Sounds simple, but isn’t always easy to pull off.

get objective feedback

Reality Test Your Decisions

Get objective, independent viewpoints. We deliver an “outsider’s view” by bringing in a diversity of seasoned business experts who know your market and can provide objective insights BEFORE YOU ACT.

As a business owner and/or as the person responsible for P/L in an enterprise, you make decisions every day. You bring your own confirmation-bias, your own rose-colored glasses and unbridled optimism, especially if related to a new technology or new innovation. It’s your baby, and in many cases, your team brings its own group-think into cementing your beliefs, strategy and tactics going forward.

Why this matters is that you, as the decision maker, can unconsciously cut corners in your decision process as you know your business inside and out. What you assume to be true may not always occur as you expect. Through our independent analysis, we will expose potential areas that need to be monitored, reinforced, or changed to reflect what realistically may happen versus what has to happen for the strategy to succeed.

We bring together 1 to 5 objective business professionals who understand your business for carefully crafted short-term reviews and longer-term assignments.

team up to think “out of box” and “in the box”

Unlock “Go To Market” Revenues & Opportunities

We identify sustainable and scalable new markets and revenue streams for existing products or potential new products by tapping a diversity of business expertise. Let us look at how your product, service, or platform technology can be applied to various industries and gain a toehold in a small number and how.

MindForce can conduct a “deep dive” analysis where we devise and explore, in greater depth, one or more revenue options being contemplated and create actionable go-to-market plans and, perhaps, new use cases. We look at the requirements to achieve success; the ability to access the resources needed; the availability (or future availability) of the capital requirements necessary; the option to externally license or build internally; and many other factors to bring a new product or service to market.

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Traditional Consulting work

In addition, our consultants have completed numerous business plans, market research studies, investor presentation materials, and many other types of growing company and IP project work.

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