how we become your venture partners

We Become Your Venture Partner

We Bring Together Business Professionals who Want to Work on Your Business Vision/Idea

We occassionally work with companies (and innovative ideas) in their pre-seed startup stage or companies in their emerging growth stage. We become a Venture Partner, and in all cases, our team is led by Rob Steir.

Clients may include universities, corporations with IP “on the shelf”, SBIR-funded companies, or individual inventors. The common denominator — their interest in partnering with us and recognition that they need highly-incented outside expertise to grow their venture, executive go-to-market strategies and tactics for their innovative idea, and reach the next growth stage.

This, however, is not an easy task, especially as many of our clients, by the very nature of the purpose of a Venture Team, do not have the necessary cash flow to support new hiring, or sustainable marketing and business development efforts.

How Do We Form Our Team?

We facilitate new venture creation by recruiting top-tier business professionals into a Venture Team specific to a client’s business needs.

Led by Rob, this team, usually a diverse group of cross-functional and industry professionals, posseses the subject matter expertise and industry experiences to assess the viability of the business opportunity.

The Opportunities

For IP & Patents:we look for IP that either 1) will disrupt a marketplace, i.e. creating explosive sales through a Newco, or 2) will be accepted by industry as an incremental improvement.
For a Nascent Company:  our Venture Team, in general, needs to see the opportunity to strike strategic relationships, leverage current operations to quickly grow sales, or package the company to raise capital.

An opportunity not only has to have high upside potential, but also an actionable plan for a successful venture execution.

On the other hand, the Venture Team will not shy away from recommending against forming a new venture and/or business development effort, and instead may work with the client to find the most suitable licensee(s) if that’s a more viable option. We will also not hesitate to turn down the opportunity if our SMEs, during due diligence, share their concerns with us, or there is a significant lack of interest from potential team members when initially assembling our team.

The Deal Structure

MindForce and its Venture Team are compensated for their efforts through consulting fees, equity and revenue sharing, and/or an ongoing role in the new venture. Each deal is individually crafted.

Mindforce will work with the client to structure the most appropriate working relationship based on the client’s financial capabilities, projected MindForce role, upside potential, and the most likely economic structure to be used. Optimally, we seek a mixture of consulting fees, revenue share and equity, although it really depends on the opportunity and the team members involved.

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Partner with MindForce to Develop a Startup or License IP

We focus on creating new innovative businesses, or working with an existing company to generate revenues and to grow their bottom line. It may make sense to form a formal venture team partnership or work on particular business needs, one project at a time, to accelerate your early stage venture.

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