Investor for Waste To Energy Mobile Combustor

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Unlike traditional incineration (multi-$ million costs, immobile, lots of ash, dirty “air”), our 8×26 foot mobile combustor travels by truck or boat to the waste, with easy set up, quick destruction, minimal ash, and an exit of clean scrubbed air. This exhaust heat can optionally feed into an energy generator to produce reliable 100kW of power 24/7. We seek $800K to fabricate first production-read unit –and 8 months later it’s ready for global market. 10 use cases on, including developing world, marine debris, and US/Europe MRFs to avoid landfill (clear ROI payback identified). Very low development risk. Can destroy up to 7000 tons of solid waste and product 700,000 kW/h of electricity. Niche: Mobile, small-scale waste solution.

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Product Overview

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