The MindForce Way

MindForce is an innovation consultancy that partners with entrepreneurs & companies to go-to-market and monetize their innovative ideas, products and/or ventures.

We Have Identified The Problem…

From the simple to the complex, the technology transfer and commercialization process in the United States is a highly inefficient and fractured process, littered with complex and difficult to understand language, and championed by an assortment of institutions and firms working, in many ways, with different agendas.

In many cases, IP fails to be commercialized because of the following reasons:

lack of market exposure and finding the right licensing buyer
the business market need is not clearly identified
the technology has one or more complex issues to overcome
lack of funds to eliminate product risk (prototype) and assure technology meets regulatory standards
lack of funds to hire management teams, staff and advisors

…And The Solution: The MindForce Approach — 100% Market-Focused Execution

MindForce approaches each assignment with the objective of finding the absolute best execution for our client and its IP opportunity.
To do this, we bring together a strong team of business professionals for a client.
This team is charged with determining if it is best to find an exclusive licensee or multiple non-exclusive partners, or if
it makes most sense to first build a viable business plan to spin out the IP into its own company structure, i.e. detaching it from the IP Owner.

We take a long-term partnership approach when establishing a new client relationship. Our success is reflected in the mutually profitable use of a client’s IP. Our goal is not to be considered an opportunistic work-for-hire consulting firm, but rather to become a partner in unleashing the maximum value of our client’s IP and IP portfolio.