Reality-Test Your Decisions


Get objective, independent viewpoints. We deliver an "outsider's view" by bringing in a diversity of seasoned business experts who know your market and can provide objective insights.

As a business owner and/or as the person responsible for P/L in an enterprise, you make decisions every day. You bring your own confirmation-bias, your own rose-colored glasses and unbridled optimism, especially if related to a new technology or new innovation. It’s your baby, and in many cases, your team brings its own group-think into cementing your beliefs, strategy and tactics going forward.

Over the last few years, we have brought together expert team to work with our clients to reality-test their own assumptions and potential decisions. For example: We have assembled a team of 3 experts for AT&T IP to assess their internal software assets for out-licensing potential; We have brought together 5 business experts to review grant business plan applications for the State of Florida; We have helped tech transfer offices validate their pre-patent research and also post-patent commercial marketability.

Please reach out and talk with us if you need this type of expert objectivity. We know how to assemble the team, avoid group-think, and get you the answers you need before you spend a ton of money implementing. We will assemble a small core team of subject-matter experts and design the right consulting assignment, in the most cost-effective time frame, to provide the right information necessary for you to objectively use this input to make the best decision and move forward.


We bring in a 2 or 3 person team (with “been there, done that” expertise) to lay out exactly what has to go right for your current strategy to be successful. In other words, we describe WHAT HAS TO HAPPEN RIGHT!

With the same spirit that a team of IT security experts will conduct a “black hat” analysis to find ways into and through the firewall of a company, i.e. to first exploit existing IT infrastructure and then to plug these holes, MindForce will bring in a small team to think through your current and/or future strategy and tactics. We will objectively lay out every assumption that has to go right for your strategy and tactics to succeed.

Why this matters is that you, as the decision maker, can unconsciously cut corners in your decision process as you know your business inside and out. What you assume to be true may not always occur as you expect. Through our independent analysis, we will expose potential areas that need to be monitored, reinforced, or changed to reflect what realistically may happen versus what has to happen for the strategy to succeed.

At the same time, if desired, our team can provide other ideas to widen your options, especially if a particular assumption you’ve made, we believe, may not happen. This can allow you to create alternative tactics and strategies as the situation plays out.