Venture Development

For Early-Stage Ventures & Startups


We view early venture development as a clear partnership. Clients work with Rob Steir to develop how MindForce can work with them to make sure we have mutual alignment in goals, objectives and upside, i.e. when a partner wins, so does MindForce. Here are a number of ways we can work with our partner to build an early stage venture:

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Partner with MindForce to Develop a Startup or License IP

We focus on creating new innovative businesses and raising capital, or working with an existing company to generate revenues and to grow their early stage ventures. It may make sense to form a formal venture team partnership or work on particular business needs, one project at a time, to accelerate your early stage venture.

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Package Company For Funding

Have idea. Get Funding! If it were only that simple for entrepreneurs with solid IP and lots of ambition. In reality, investors need to see not only proof of concept validation, but the management team to make it happen. MindForce assists the entrepreneur, first, through building our own Venture Team to work with the entrepreneur to meet agreed-upon milestones in exchange for equity, and upfront (or post-capital receipt) consulting fees. Plus, through our efforts, we also identify a proper investment-worthy management team, and work with the new team to get funding.


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Conduct Business Plan/Investor Presentation Reviews

Entrepreneurs see their own ideas with rose-colored glasses. They need objective business assistance regarding their completed business plans and/or investor presentations. We’ll bring in one or more experts to provide review feedback as requested.

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Provide Venture Mentoring

Sometimes an entrepreneur doesn’t need a management team or funding, but definitely needs assistance in the various new venturing aspects of an early stage company. Depending on the situation, MindForce can provide one or more advisors to mentor the entrepreneur.

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Find Beta Clients & Partners

Investors want to see startups that have clients. Depending on the situation, we may work with the entrepreneur and management team to line up key strategic partnerships, initial beta clients, and then first users for our client.

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